About the studio

Page Screen is a design research studio run by Zoë Sadokierski and Kate Sweetapple. Our main research interests are the future of books in a digital age, information visualisation, and how design can inform the digital humanities. We use practice-led research methods (thinking through making) and communicate our research findings through scholarly publications and also as creative works (exhibitions, limited edition books, installations, information visualisations).

The studio aims to expand the ways designers share their research – scholarly writing is not always the most effective way to communicate our research process or findings. Here, we test alternatives models, considering: How could a design research project be communicated by showing as well as telling? What kinds of content are most effectively communicated in print (page)? In digital forms (screen)? How can you make an argument using images as well as words?

We invite feedback and opportunities for collaboration.

Dr Zoë Sadokierski

Zoë Sadokierski is a designer, writer and researcher. With a background in book design, her research investigates how book culture and publishing are evolving in a digital age. In particular, she uses practice-led research methods (thinking through making) to experiment with ‘hybrid’ publishing models, in which print and digital publications co-exist. She is an executive editor of the MediaObject book series, vice president of the Australian Book Designers Association and writes a regular column ‘From Page to Screen’ for The Conversation on book culture and reading in a digital age. Zoë has been awarded five times at the Australian Book Design Awards. She has been invited to speak at events including the Sydney Writers’ Festival, The Wheeler Centre, The Children’s Book Council of Australia Conference, and The Emerging Writers’ Festival. Download her 2010 doctoral thesis on Visual Writing (texts in which graphic devices such as drawings, photographs or experimental typography are integrated into the written text), or view her professional design portfolio,

Dr Kate Sweetapple

Kate is a design academic who explores the intersection of words and images through exhibitions, installations and printed matter. Her research interests include Information Design – specifically the visualisation of quantitative and qualitative data through exploratory visual communication practices; and Visual Writing, texts that are neither purely written, nor purely visual.

Friends of the studio:

Dr Jacqueline Lorber-Kasunic

Jacquie is a documentary photographer whose research focuses on the importance of understanding objects as active and lively. Drawing on the work of the speculative realists, particularly Graham Harman’s object-orientated ontology and vital materialist Jane Bennett, her current project examines representations of designed objects as recorded in archival images of the everyday in the period from 1880 to 1910 in Sydney (Mitchell Library) and San Francisco (Huntington Library).

Dr Chris Caines

Chris Caines produces video, installations, music, software and text. He teaches in the Media Arts program at UTS where he is the Director of the Centre for Media Arts Innovation. View a selection of his video work or find him using Twitter @tenderosa.

Page Screen Research Studio is located in the School of Design at the University of Technology, Sydney.
Visit: 6.7.35, 702 Harris Street, Ultimo
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